No longer just the ‘916,’ Sacramento gets a new area code: ‘279’

Kevin JohnsonThe area code overlay we approved  February 9, 2017 will allow all customers to keep their current phone numbers, including their area code,” said Commissioner Liane M. Randolph. “What this does is add an area code, 279, to the same region now served by the 916.

“In September 2017, customers requesting new phone numbers may be assigned the new 279 area code.”

That means a change for all Sacramento-area residents. People will have to dial a “1” first when making calls to and from those area two codes, according to the PUC. That new dialing process will start in August, but will not be mandatory until February 2018.

The 916 area code was created in 1947 as one of the original three area codes in California.

The area code serves parts of El Dorado, Solano, Sutter, Yolo, Placer, and Sacramento counties.

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